An initial gathering and majority of the festival will be placed in the Karlovac Music School, Augusta Cesarca 3, 47000 Karlovac, Croatia (see the map bellow).

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If you are an international participant and arriving to Croatia's capital (Pleso airport) on a plane, you may reach Zagreb's main bus station by fetching a Croatia Airlines bus transportation (the travel time is 30-40 minutes). Croatia Airlines buses depart and arrive from/to Pleso airport every 30 minutes or right before/after airplane arrival/departure. The main train station is located in vicinity to the main bus station and it can be reached by tram/trolleycar (5-10 minutes) or taxi (3-6 minutes).

Karlovac is well connected with Zagreb with both train and bus transportation. During a regular day time (6 AM - 10 PM) trains and buses commute between the cities in average every 1 hour (during weekend days this is reduced by 30-40%). The travel time is usually around 50 minutes. Once you arrive to Karlovac you can contact your hotel receptionist or our logistic person*. We will try to guide you or organize a direct transportation to your accommodation place or Karlovac Music School. Karlovac's main bus station is located near the downtown (200 meters), but the main train station is somewhat more distant (800 meters). For the hotel options please refer to this site's accommodation link.

* if you need help with directions, transportation, or you seek any other advice, please feel free to contact this cell: +385 (0)95-8491-445. This cell phone will be activated only during the festival days.
You may also call Karlovac Music School: +385 (0)47-615-161