The Summer Piano School and competition participants should make their own accommodation arrangements. Our standard partner is Hotel Carlstadt, which offers Karlovac Piano Festival participants a special discounted price (see the price and other info bellow). In addition, private accommodation, such as those found on or is also available. Since private accommodation availabilty in Karlovac is growing, lately it is becoming a more attracitve solution.

Hotel Carlstadt is located in the center of Karlovac and only few minutes walking distance from Karlovac School of Music. In order to make a reservation, it is the best to contact the hotel by e-mail (contact info bellow). Also, feel free to reach us if you need any assistance. The prices listed bellow are only for Karlovac Piano Festival/Competition participants, so in order to qualify for them, remind them that you will be attending Karlovac Piano Festival. The hotel management is quite efficient in assorting any roommate arrangements. The basic cost of room includes breakfast, but additional meals are optional as well. Note that the number of single rooms is limited, so if you prefer that option, contact the hotel as soon as possible.

Hotel Carldstadt
Hotel Carlstadt




* BB includes breakfast only (lunch and dinner is available but only when reserved for larger groups)


Contact info:

Hotel Carlstadt, Vraniczanyeva 1, 47000 Karlovac, Croatia
Phone/fax: **385(0)47-611-111
E-mail: (preferred contact option)


* In order to acquire the most accurate/recent prices, please contact the hotel management